24 Hour Prayer Initiative


24/7 Prayer Initiative: All 24 hours covered with praise, prayer, decrees, and declarations (it’s time to be on the offense!). The model is Acts 16:23-26.
There are 8 prayer watches: 1) 6am-9am, 2) 9am-noon, 3) noon-3pm, 4) 3pm-6pm, 5) 6pm-9pm, 6) 9pm-midnight, 7) midnight-3am and 8) 3am-6am.

We invite you to cover 1 hour or more. The goal is to have someone praying each hour.

Dr. Coraleen Stuart is covering the 8th watch, however anyone can join for an hour or the entire watch. Please fill out the form below and we will add you to the prayer times you select.

8 Prayer Watches

6am – 9am

6am: Gaile Mitchell

7am: Renee Braxton, Anna Kilyk, Steve Eichorn

8am: Tom Pierce;
CO Daily Prayer Line: Sunday-Friday 6am Colorado time
Colorado Intercessory Prayer: 857-232-0157 pass code: 314045

9am – Noon

9am- JuLee and Mike Hoke

10am: Gaile Mitchell

11am: Rebekah Bava

Noon – 3pm

12pm: Susan Reoch

1pm: Donna Lee, Patrick & Delilah Crawford

2pm: Donna Lee

3pm – 6pm

3pm: Sigrid & Harald Young

4pm: Keith & Donna Taylor

5pm: Grace Ramsey Coolidge

6pm – 9pm

6pm: Paul & Sheila Thorne; Nikki Clark,

7pm: Robert Stone

8pm: Robert Stone

9pm – Midnight

9pm: Mary Cushing

10pm: Nelsi Ayala, Patrick & Delilah Crawford

11pm: Nelsi Ayala; Sigrid Young

Midnight – 3am

12am: Robert Stone; Brittany Pierce

1am: Grace Ramsey Coolidge; Alysia Renteria; Harald Young

2am: Laurie Clifford

3am – 6am

3am: Dr. Stuart

4am: Dr. Stuart; Leshia Singer

5am: Dr. Stuart