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Spotting a Communist/Red

1.  He or She declares themselves a communist, this is the most obvious.

2.  They advocate pro-Marxist and communist ideologies. 

3.  They support and/or volunteer with groups that are communist.   e.g. Antifa, BLM

4.  They defend and support communist/red nations and attack America.

5.  They are good friends with or are mentored by communists/reds and meet with them frequently. 

6.  They lie and deceive consistently. 

7.  They endorse all or some of the goals of communism.

     1.  Abolish family    2. Emphasize Income Taxes.   3.  Push for free public education

8.  They are a member of the Communist Party.  

9.  They constantly push for censoring and silencing others.

10.  They have communist parents or family members.

11.  They consistently go to communist events. 

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