Here’s a few testimonials of some interested folks asking about the training:

” I’ve been hearing in my spirit for at least a year to start a home church. And I wanted to but had to overcome health issues and, honestly, overcoming abuse. Just today, I asked Jesus to please confirm that this assignment is from Him. And to make it clear to me. Well, he did! This is the first time I heard about you from Mark Taylor! I really need this course to be able to fulfill my assignment for God “

” We are so excited to hear about your ministry. We have not been a part of a church in years. We didn’t know what was wrong with us. Checked our hearts, prayed and repented where need be. When we heard Mark Taylors info on the 501c3 churches we knew why. With that said we are so hungry to be a part of a true bible believing homegroup. We don’t feel a calling for teaching or preaching, so how could we start one? “

” I am interested in your Home study course for Home worship and the Ekklesia paradigm. By whatever God does he’s led me to this I think. My wife and I have asked God to send us to a new church because the one we attend feels like it’s not right for us, and we want to get closer to God and the Savior Jesus Christ. I am 67 years old. I haven’t been a good Christian all my life. But, I feel God has helped me through it. I was baptized, of my own volition, when I was ten. I tried to be a good man, but bad thoughts and demons clouded my thinking and actions. I have always loved Jesus through it all, and feel so guilty. I want to turn it around. I want to be a good man and be a light in my community for God and Jesus. I may or may not be able to start an ekklesia, but I can surely spread the knowledge of the new paradigm. My wife and I also discussed our need to study the Bible in a more directed manner than we do now, and with your help we can work on that, and learn better how to praise God and give thanks to Jesus, and hopefully reach many others. Thank you for this opportunity. “

” Hi, I use to preach and teach Bible Studies in my church. Unfortunately something serious happened to me and other women by our Pastor. I left the Church. And we, the Women brought it to the attention of the Leaders of the Denomination. Instead of removing the Pastor, instead they sent him to another Church and asked us, the Women to leave the Church. Needless to say this was very hurtful and caused me to leave and never go back to a Church.
I continued to serve the Lord, pray and study the word and serve the Lord to this day. I have continued to reach souls, teaching them how to Study the Bible and live the word of God. I continue to lead Souls to Christ by talking to them about the Lord and the Importance of accepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.
So my Husband and Myself are very Interested in Starting a Home group. How can we sign up for this class? “