Discipling a Nation by Training and Coaching Leaders to Begin Home Congregations

One Community at a Time


Jesus Never Said Church

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What We Do

Our Mission & Strategy

Our Mission is to expand the Borders of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Our Strategy is to restore 1st Century principles and practice to 21st Century Christ Followers by Training, Equipping, and Releasing Christian Leaders.

Practical Strategy

We accomplish our Mission by leading FREE
online study courses with Training and Coaching.

We are equipping and releasing leaders to begin Home Congregations in their community.

Personal Coaching

We utilize all the resources of the internet to
continue the support, encouragement, activation, and personal coaching.

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Current Classes

OKM Boot Camp

Tired of the same old 501 (C) 3 church where everything is done like a well written show with smoke and music, yet very little effective prayer and fellowship? You’re not alone, millions around the world are discovering what Jesus planned all along and what Christians did for three hundred years. They gathered in homes to pray and fellowship. If God is calling you to lead others in developing a local home congregation for prayer and fellowship, then consider learning how to do it from Omega Kingdom Ministry’s Home Congregations training. Course training is at no cost yet there is a commitment for your time and some book purchases.

Prayer Walking Course

This is a study at your own pace course. In this course, you will learn about the use of prayer walking to pray in neighborhoods and in specific locations to advance the kingdom of God. Prayer walking is a method that effectively brings the power of prayer on-site. You will also learn the value of prayer walking in bringing about an Ekklesia in a neighborhood.

How to Study The Bible

We are pleased to announce another advanced course that will be available for anyone who has completed and graduated from Bootcamp Home Congregation Training.   Coach Thomas Pierce will lead a class entitled: How to Study the Bible. In this course, we will discover and discuss various ways of studying God’s word more effectively for deeper revelation.  We will learn from a required text (How to Study the Bible by Robert M. West), from the videos and from each other and the Holy Spirit.

Forgiveness - 70 X 7

This advanced class is open to everyone.

Many people struggle to forgive.  This struggle not only has to do with an ability to forgive others.  Often people have problems forgiving themselves.  In this course, we address areas of unforgieness in our lives.

How to Lead a Bible Study

As a facilitator of A home group, it is important to have an ability to facilitate a Bible Study or a discussion group.  This course will give a basic knowledge of this topic.  Resources will be used to cover this topic.  After completing this course, Ekklesia practitioners should feel confident to present and discuss the Word of the Lord in the Ekklesia.

School of the Prophets

This is an advanced course of 20 weapons for Offensive Spiritual War,
how to set up a work to reach an area, city and country by infiltration;
And a deepening of our relationship with Jesus taught by 49 years of
experience. This will be a weekly zoom class plus reading material that will greatly
strengthen you and win battles easily, There will be simple
assignments not written, but doing, going through each section and
practicing it together.

The Roots of the Federal Reserve

This will be a journey through time, and territory.  We will look at scripture to discover what is in the Root system of the Federal Reserve.  Buckle up!  

Kingdom Prophets

In this course, we will be looking at the Kingdom Prophet.  We will look at God’s Kingdom, the role of the kingdom prophet, and discussing the different types of prophetic gifts by studying James Goll’s book, The Seer.  

This course is recommended for people who are exploring prophetic gifts.