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This is an advanced course of 20 weapons for Offensive Spiritual War, how to set up a work to reach an area, city and country by infiltration; And a deepening of our relationship with Jesus taught by 49 years of experience. This will be a weekly zoom class plus reading material that will greatly
strengthen you and win battles easily, There will be simple assignments not written, but doing, going through each section and practicing it together.

Read the Tactics of War document: Click Here

Some of the main sections of the course are:

  • Setting up an Ekklesia with the goal of reaching the whole country.
  • Resting in and deeper meditation on God for full empowerment.
  • Prophecy- step by step how to do it and grow in it so you can hear
    from the Lord clearly and fully.
  • Retaliation Praise- destroying the enemy’s hold and attacks thru
    aggressive praise.
  • Dreams and Visions- creating a channel to hear from the Lord in this
    way and interpreting them with the gift of interpretation and
  • Conventional weapons of spiritual war a deeper feeding on these
    weapons of helmet, armor, shield, sword, belt, feet, breastplate
    what exactly are they and how to use them in spiritual war to win
    the world.
  • How to lead a person to Jesus and to living for Him daily. Hands-on
    class of examples.
  • Prayer- complete exploration and doing of prayer, with a lot of
    inspiring words to make it a primary weapon.
  • Key of Intimacy- becoming the bride of Christ
  • What are the Keys to the Kingdom and how to use that power?
  • Angels,
  • How to know the will of God
    Speaking in tongues and cultivating the gift of interpretation
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Class Start: 11/07/20 , Saturday Morning or Night (depending on your availability) and Sunday night-9pm eastern.  People can sign up and do the course at any time, they can begin at any time as those who join in a certain week or month will be in a different zoom time.

This Class is part one of a three part training and each part will go for three months. There are three separate courses in this series.

There will be assignments to do but not written.   Reading material will be sent to you before the zoom training time.

This training will change your life. 

This class will be offered FREE with donations of tithes and offerings accepted.
Suggested Donation: $100.00 Click Here to Donate