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Online Ekklesia, every Saturday morning @10:00AM.
Our Zoom Room ID is 9327604260 and the Password is 8HMtNF, of course totally free to join.
Rain or Shine come join us in the comfort of your own home. No need to fill your gas tanks, avoid monkey pox/Covid, great for the disabled with mobility issues, come as you are to learn and worship our Savior Yeshua.
phone number 386-314-7147


Sarasota Area:

  Susan Reoch
Your Bootcamp Coach (Select One)
  Sean & Ruth Schryba
Online Details (Day, Time, Timezone)
  Thursday Evenings 7pm EST
Location (State, City or Area)
  Sarasota, Florida
Communication Source (Zoom Link, Phone Lines, etc)

Meeting in our home.