Ekklesia In Action!

Miracle Testimony: from one of our Ekklesia brethren:

I have a relative who’s granddaughter has a brain tumor. She has had multiple surgeries since preschool age. Because of the location of the tumor, complete removal was never an option. It was concerned that eventually, this tumor would take this child’s life. With each surgery, only little was removed.

Recently, this little girl was scheduled for yet another surgery. The Holy Spirit lead our group to pray for separation & isolation of the tumor. During the time of her surgery, one of us had a vision of Jesus holding the child’s head up from underneath, as if supporting it.

The next day, the little girl had her follow up MRI to see how much of the tumor was still present.

The Neurosurgeon was very pleased to deliver the MRI results: NO visible sign of the tumor. NONE!

The reason complete removal was never an option, is because the tumor was located ON her brain stem AND on her spinal cord. What a wonderful God we serve!!