Prophetic Word 3-2-20 2am
I love to hear you talk to Me! I will never tire of hearing you talk and listening to what you haveto say. Many do not even hear Me. I am talking but they do not know it is Me, so they stoptalking. Keep teaching them how to hear My voice and teach them how to know it is Me andnot someone else. The enemy may try to mimic Me, but I will always speak the truth and agreewith My Word. Any other evil spirit does not know My way and does not agree with My Wordand cannot say that I (Jesus) came in the flesh. I will never tire of My people talking to Me, butit is even greater for them if they listen to Me and hear My voice. Abide in Me and I will abidein you ❤ Now take refuge in knowing that I care for you all deeply and I long to commune withyou all. -Laura P