On the evening of April 21, 2020 while sleeping on my side, I woke up to a thumping sound and, as I laid there, it kept getting louder like the noise was getting closer. I finally asked the Lord what this noise was, and He revealed to me that it was the sound of marching feet. As He was telling me I suddenly saw people coming from every direction and they seemed to know where they were supposed to go because they were all filing behind one another in an orderly fashion while they were marching.

I did not see the Commander in Chief, but I knew He was up front before this huge army of soldiers. Everyone was waiting for His call to proceed for the battle that was about to take place. A couple days later I had another vision it was a continuation of the one that was given on April 21, 2020. I again saw people coming from every direction but from afar I could see they were putting on garments. 

As they got closer to me, I could see they were putting on fighting gear as if they were going into battle. Then the Lord revealed to me that they were going into battle and His people were putting on armor that He had provided for them, it was the armor of God. The Lord told me that when His people put on the full armor of God, they could fight and stand victoriously against the enemy’s attacks. I knew He was telling me and those who hear His voice to put on the armor He had provided.  Satan and his minions are trying to discredit God and discourage us. 

We need His armor, so we do not yield to the greatest deceiver, divider and destroyer man has ever known.  God does not call us into battle without giving us the tools to be able to stand and fight victoriously against our enemies. He has given us the spirit of power and not fear”2 Timothy 1:7”.   By putting on the armor of God we are acknowledging that we are dressing ourselves in His power and His might. The belt of truth was the first piece of armor that the soldiers put on. 

This is God’s truth and, when they put this belt of truth on, they are putting on Christ’s truth in them. When we put on the Lord Jesus Christ (belt of truth), we can detect the enemies lies and his attempts to divide and destroy us. The breastplate of righteousness was the next piece of armor the soldiers put on. This piece was very important to a soldier because it not only protected their heart but their vital organs too. The breastplate of righteousness symbolizes Christ’s righteousness in us when he died for our sins. His righteousness was imputed to us and He now advocates on our behalf when Satan comes before God to accuse us of our sins.

So, the breastplate of righteousness not only symbolizes Christ righteousness but, the Christian’s righteousness ability to withstand Satan’s temptations to sin and, to live a holy set apart life for Christ.  Once we join God’s army, we must not remove the breastplate of righteousness. We need to live a life under the control of the holy spirit so Christ can shape and mold us.  The enemy cannot gain a foothold in our life when our life is beneath His control.  The third part of the armor the soldiers put on was the shoes of peace. The soldier’s feet were fitted with shoes for readiness and the gospel of peace.  When the soldier read the Bible (truth) and embraced Christ as their Savior and Lord, peace from God was the result.

Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but it is in the realm of our mind.  In 2 Corinthians 10:5 Paul states we need to bring our mind into control of the Holy Spirit, so we are not prime targets for Satan. God is asking us to bind these spirits of fear, anxiety, hatred, confusion and loose the spirit of courage, peace, love, and clarity. The peace of God is a key weapon in a soldier’s life for their defense. Are we ready to stand and take our stance with Christ?  

The fourth part of the armor of God is the shield of faith it is the largest part of the armor.  It is a second layer of defense against the arrows of the enemy. For a soldier to hold the shield of faith he must know what he believes in and, that comes from knowing the word of God.  Jesus Christ has promised us that he would never leave us nor forsake us (Mathew 28:20). It is not our great faith that saves us but the object of our faith (Jesus Christ).

The fifth part of the soldiers’ armor is the helmet of salvation.  Because the battlefield of spiritual warfare is in the mind, the thoughts of the soldier is critical. The helmet of salvation provides the soldier with the mind and wisdom of Christ, so he can do battle for Him. When the soldier puts on the helmet of salvation, he is equipping himself with the mind of Christ. We need the mind of Christ in order to be victorious against the devil’s schemes. 

The helmet of salvation is the wisdom of God in Christ Jesus and it is obtained by reading the word of God and praying. It is available to every Christian soldier who asks. Ask God for this wisdom so you can fight and have victory over this spiritual battle. Because these soldiers had on the helmet of salvation, they had the mind of Christ in them and they knew what to say and do to fight this battle.

God is calling each one of us to bring our thoughts and motives captive beneath His control by the leading of the Holy Spirit.  When the soldiers did this, it guarded them from the enemy’s attacks. God is calling us not only to join His army but to be clothed with the full armor of God so we can defeat Satan and his demons. The last piece of God’s armor is the sword of the spirit.  An armory is a facility where weapons are stored, and the Bible is an armory in which are stored many truths (promises).

These promises are the sword of the spirit that a soldier can use to defeat the temptations and attacks form the enemy. The sword of the spirit is the one offensive weapon God has given each soldier to use against the devil and his demons. James 4:7 says “Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

The truth of God is the sword of the spirit but only if it has become a part of your life will it become effective! God is calling His people to join His army and to put on the full armor of God so they can fight this spiritual battle that is waging all around them. He has given us the equipment, are we willing to join His army, and will we be ready and able to hear His voice when He gives us the orders to proceed. He is waiting for His people to take their positions in His army.

He wants His people with Him to see Him win this spiritual battle between good and evil. Join His army today and see the Lord’s victorious defeat of Satan and his host of demons. – Lorna M.