We received comments from these inquiries this week:

My husband and I have been in ministry together since 2002. I’ve been saved since 18 yrs old and he since 19. That was in the 70s. We have pastored a total of 12 years and currently my husband is a traveling evangelist. I’ve followed Mark Taylor’s prophetic words since the 1st radio interview in 2016. My spirit connects with what he has to say about home churches. Years ago I was part of such. My husband and I are interested in learning more about home church training. I have been in much prayer concerning this. Thank you. May the Lord bless you.

Hello! My name is Patrick and I live in Gardner, KS. Listening to Mark Taylor has opened my eyes to the church system and it’s corruption. I’m thoroughly fed up with the status quo and desire to have a home congregation. I’ve asked a few people but they weren’t “interested” in starting one together. Anyway, I’m very interested in the training would like some more information.