“God bless you folks! Every time I tell Christian’s about the evils of the 501C3, they do not believe me. Feeling like I’m living in an alternate universe.”

“I currently have a bible study in my home every week. I have 16 men and women attending. I would like to strengthen our group to a stronger spiritual level so we can lead others to Christ.”

“I’d like more information about your 12 week training program and I also have would like to do it and I’d like to have one more question answered do you believe in the Sabbath day and that’s his holy day and that’s the day you should have your house meetings on because of that the Lord sanctified that day.”

“I watched the 501 C3 video outstanding felt the same way but can’t explain it the way you did which was perfect and I’m excited to start training on that I have to fill out the application look forward to working with you thank you so much God bless forever…”

“Awesome ordering books now, preparing for my dinner party lol, I’ve been out of the church for two years, praying for God to show me who to invite! Pray is going forth, So amazing, the timing, I’ve been praying for two years, I’m a prayer warrior! Very excited! Glory to God!”

” My name is Jose and I am interested in more information on your courses. I am not the best teacher but I am letting the Lord lead me and see where this goes. I look forward to hearing more about your course and see where this leads me. Maybe nothing or maybe something. But what I am confidant in is that when the Lord is in the midst He can do anything. Praise God. “