Had 20 people yesterday! It was glorious. Next week we will have 40+! Baptized one person in our pool. Four more messaged me who learned we were baptizing and want to get baptized next week. I reached out to a couple neighbors who clearly have pastoral callings and they are coming to help me next week. 🙂
Bobby and I barely had to speak. Everyone participated, prayed, shared, led communion, baptized and we just supported. Had a young girl bring her guitar and led us in anointed worship. If you were to walk into the room you wouldn’t have known who was leading. Even our oldest daughter Milan started weeping and gave a prophetic word to a family there and they so desperately needed it and encouraged them so much. The children read the scriptures to the group. We were sitting in a big circle. It was family.
Thank you for leading bootcamp. I know it’s a labor of love and your efforts are being felt in Oklahoma. Lots of love to you. – Kiyla F.