From God to Robert Christmas Stone:

Prophecy for Ekklesia 9/12- My precious family, how I love your worship, your love, your prayer, your staying on Me.See how I have raised you up; see how I have given you a ministry to grow others, grow their faith and their souls.See how I have blessed this work with good fruit;  see how I continue to prosper it.

That is the key for your continued blessing of My hand on you; that you see clearly and know that it is Me and not you.
What is the point of failure and loss of My hand in many others?  Was it not this very point that they began to take credit to themselves for their success instead of walking humbly and knowing it all was My conviction on their heart to love Me, and to follow through with My leading.

All through  history I have watched this same thing unfold with My people, beginning with the children of Israel; their walking away so many times.
Then I had to endure the pain of seeing My own work that I created thru My disciples become compromised and lose My power, until you could hardly recognize it was My work… yet the gospel was preached, although in disobedience and contention.

These are all warnings to you and the key to your continued success.Seek not to be a leader unless I push you into it.Seek not to walk away from My calling when it is truly Me calling you.Seek not to be exulted but seek for My small voice of obedience, wherein lies My power.

Always seek My voice even as water seeks the lowest level and there you will find it, My lead, My blessing and your joy.
Rejoice in the Lord always.  My joy is your strength.  Never lose that and I will never fail to bless.

You will see your numbers grow. Know it is My blessing because of your obedience to My truths and My plan.  Let go of anything that gets in the way of your close communication with Me, so that you do not go the way of all flesh.

Yes problems come; for you are human; but these problems can always be minimized thru the secret formula of real love, humility and prayer.
I am encouraged.Do not be discouraged if I do not answer in the way you think or ask; for I have a much greater plan that must come.  But I hear and I will answer and bless in My way which you will see in lives changed.