Word from the Lord

RESTORATION and RESTORING.  I am, says the Lord God Almighty, I am going to restore and make things new.  The battle scars are everywhere, but I am going in and restoration is going to happen in the land. 

In My America, I am making a new thing.  The old is past and behold, I, says the Lord God Almighty, I am making all things new.  You, who know Me by My name, you will see My hand in it.  For I will have shaken and have caused many evil systems to crumble, and now I am showing you a new thing.  Don’t be afraid as the evil from this shaking is being exposed.  I will cleanse the land of much evil in its place and in its place will be a new thing. 

Peace and Joy I give you and a new way, My way, says the Lord God Almighty.  The clean up is here and revival is coming.  Fear not!  For what I am going to do will restore, build up, encourage, heal the land and My people.  You will see that it is good and you will see My hand in it, says the Lord God Almighty.  I am the Restorer, the Builder, I am the Cornerstone!

Rejoice!  For spring time and a season of planting, reaping and harvesting is coming back.  You will see healing in the land and healing for My people.  Look up for your redemption draws near and I am with you always even until the end of time.  If it were not so, I, says the Lord God Almighty, would not say it.  Stay near Me, abide in Me and I will abide in you. 

Do not be a stumbling block and continue to hold on to the old systems that were of evil intent for they are crumbling and they will disappear.  I am showing you a new way.  The enemy and their camp is being exposed and they will be dealt with.  For I, the Lord God Almighty, will not tolerate their games any longer.  I will not tolerate their mockery of Me.  The time is here.  Rejoice My people, REJOICE!  Victory is here!  You will see with your eyes this victory.  The reward for your weight is huge.  For I am restoring back to you what the enemy stole.  Give a shout of praise My people!  Victory is here, you will see it!  Keep your eyes fixed on Me and you will see it all!  I love My sheep, My sheep hear My voice and the voice of a stranger they will not follow.  Abide in Me and learn to hear My voice so that you do not go back on the path of the wicked. 

Remember these days as I bring you out onto solid ground and bring in a new thing.  I will bring in restoration.  I am bringing in sunshine and new rain.  Righteous judgement is coming back to the land for I, the Lord God Almighty, have said it.  I am doing a new thing.  Stand up and give a shout of praise to the only God!  The one true God!  Bless the Lord oh my soul!  Bless His Holy name.  Raise the banner of victory over the land for you will overcome evil with good!!  Now go in and take your position.  And reap a harvest until I come, says the Lord God Almighty.  I love you, your Restorer, your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Amen and Amen.