From Brother Mark:

I found this to be very profound in the current environment of having everything we don’t want shoved down our throats. Dates have come and gone, but the fight is being waged.Consider this….
If the Deep State actually controlled the U.S. Military, they would not need to be:- suppressing and deleting social media accounts- prohibiting people from talking about 2020 election fraud- carrying out planned attacks (false flags) and murdering people to sway a narrative like gun control- continuing on with dividing us over race- paying people to form planned human caravans from Honduras and Mexico- opening the Southern border to a new army of illegal immigrants and telling the border patrol to stand down- shutting the media out from covering the tragedy forming at our southern border- having Biden rush out unconstitutional Executive Orders- allowing Biden to continue talking and making no sense at all.- doing nasty hit jobs on Q and Q followers and lying about what that information movement is really all about.
If the Deep State controlled the military, they would unleash them against all of us who stand against the deep state and they would be using the military to move their agenda forward. They wouldn’t be hiding behind Facebook and Twitter to advance their agenda. If the Deep State really did control the U.S. military, this war against Patriots would already be over and most would already be dead. We have to look at the actions of the enemy here and then ponder the silence of our military. The military is silent. But it’s not inactive. This tells us everything we need to know. 

Click on the video below labelled “” That’s a 3min interview with Steve Bannon and Mike Lindell (CEO of My Pillow). The video quality is poor but the sound is great and that’s all you need. Make no mistake, things are moving and good people with big money aren’t lying down. 
You can find the entire interview on Steve Bannon’s War Room, I’ve included the link of that interview here:

Remember we talked about how pedophilia will bring this all down? How that is the one thing everyone in the world would unite against when it’s exposed? Well, that war is being waged too. Keep searching on “DuckDuckGo” for all the arrests that are taking place DAILY around the world (but not reported in the mainstream media, certainly not in the headlines if they do report it) In addition, there is a blockbuster film coming out in September – the guy behind the film is Tim Ballard who founded “Operation Underground Railroad” his story is incredible. The guy playing him in the film is Jim Caviezel who played Jesus in Passion of the Christ. This film is one of the reasons the deep state is pushing their agenda so hard and fast and making mistakes and exposing themselves as idiots. Here’s the trailer for that film “Sound of Freedom”. 2 million children a year are caught in this horror and our open southern border is contributing to it – again. This is getting exposed, the whole world is involved and many famous people are in it. Boom time is coming for them.

Tired of the suppression of free speech and censorship when you’re telling the truth?  Here’s some good news…

Regarding the Flu (Covid) scare and shut down of our lives, our economy and our cities and countries all over a “virus” with a 99.97% cure rate of which they are scaring people into getting vaccinated over with vaccines that have not been tested, not proven to work (see picture attached below) and are made by companies who can’t be sued for the damages they cause. Here is an incredible strip down of the facts from a Dr. that our Dr. sent to us. This is Dr. Peter McCullough, as he testifies to the Texas State Senate. This is real science, not that BS Fauchi and crew peddle.

Here’s a good overview of everything mentioned here. Watch the entire thing even if some parts seem boring to you. You might have to watch it twice to catch everything cuz there is a lot.

This battle for good isn’t over. It’s picking up speed. Great things lie ahead. Be well.