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Ekklesia in Action with John Schaenzer

Ekklesia in Action is being broadcast every other Sunday morning on OKM Live. The segment is a walk through the website which documents the spiritual taking of a city for the Kingdom of God. This is a template for those God has called to fight for their city, town, region or state. Seek Holy Spirit on what you should take from it and put into use in your area of the fight.

First and foremost, I believe I am being obedient to a call of God to document the process we have gone through in this city. As we continue on this journey I will continue to update this site as I have time and as something arises worth reporting upon.


My understanding is that others will need the information we have received and put to use, so they too can put it to work in their city. You may be one of them if you are reading and exploring this site.


Being Disciples with Pastor John

John Schaenzer will consider what it is to be a disciple as he explores a different topic each week. He will also interview guests from time to time, seeing things from a different perspective. This information can be used to help each of us grow as disciples as well as leading others in a life of discipleship.

This podcast is designed for new believers and established followers of Christ alike. Whether learning how to follow Christ or how to lead others in doing so, these episodes are designed as a base study for personal use, or the basis of leading others in a study or small group for discussion.

The podcast can be found at:

Links for notes on the topics covered, whether in written or video form, may be found at:


Hope Thoughts from Steve Simms



Ekklesia Radio

"Ekklesia Radio is OKM's greatest advance into the world with Ekklesia & Kingdom since we began this ministry."  Russ Wagner


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