Prophetic Word to the Ekklesia, God’s Remnant

Step Up, Step Out, Step In


Those who are raising up My Ekklesia are raising up My Remnant. I have called you to be fruitful and multiply and take dominion for this Ekklesia Movement. As the family of Joseph became millions, so my Ekklesia Remnant will be worldwide. This is the foundation upon which I have told you I would build and the gates of Hades will not prevail against you. This is  Apostolic movement and My Ekklesia is anointed for movement. Like Moses, you have heard from My Mountain and from encounters with Me, the plans and purposes I have for you. I have called you out and now I am sending you out. Faith movement is required for you to walk into your full potential and destiny as My  Chosen Remnant. 

And I have heard you saying to Me, “Lord, we don’t know where we are going.” It’s okay. Just take my hand and walk with me. I will lead you with dreams and visions and desire, to the places where I am sending you and to the work I have prepared for you to do. Walk by faith, step by step, as I lead you into your places of promise. As you are obedient to follow each direction I give you,  you will receive new direction for the next step. This is faith movement. Step up, step out and step in.

You have been chosen for such a time as this and your time has arrived. Now is the time, for I have given you the land and now you must move in to possess it. The land is your inheritance and the inheritance of future generations, but it must be reclaimed and redeemed. I am calling out to My Remnant Ekklesia to possess and occupy and restore this land I have given you. “What land?” you ask. The land where you dwell now or the land I am calling you to possess. “What do we possess?” you ask. Possess every place that is in need of redemption, for the land is crying out to Me. “What do we occupy?” you ask.  You occupy every place that is within your sphere of influence until it becomes “on Earth as it is in Heaven” in every place where you put your feet. This is what I am building. I have already given you the keys to open and unlock these places of promise. Take those keys and move out in faith. Step up, step out and step in.

You, My Remnant, My Ekklesia, are stepping into  a Kairos time, a “now” time. If you don’t step up, step out and step in, you will miss my perfect timing for this promised end-time movement. Many have been called but few are answering My call. As it was when I parted the waters for my servant Israel to cross over into their places of  inheritance, so I am parting your waters for now movement. The “waters”  will only be parted for a specific time of movement and then they will come back together again. Now is the time for movement. I am removing obstacles and creating barriers between you and the enemies which would pursue you.  In faith, step-up, step-out and step into your places of promise.  -Tam